Pathologic 2 Dev Denies Rumours Of The Game’s Death; Work Is Ongoing And Studio Is Fine.

It appears rumours of this game’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Following the interview that was linked here, translated from Russian, recently. He’s given his own response in the comments which you can read [Here](

>Good evening, good luck and joy to all.

>Comrades! Judging by the first comments, you from this interview did not deduce a completely correct picture of what is happening.

>Firstly, this interview has been almost three months old, there have accumulated answers from the time of the severe post-release syndrome to the present day.

>Secondly, who said that we are stopping work? Exactly the opposite: it says that we will work until the end. That the current team is leaving is sad, but nothing tragic. As long as the backbone in the studio remains, it will work.

>Thirdly: now the console version is in full swing, it involves both the backbone of the team and the third-party porting studio. We continue to work with tinyBuild. We are making an addon that will appear on Pax next week (spoilers) *. In parallel with this, a small mobile project will be launched, which is already at the stage of a working prototype.

>The studio lives and works. It will stop working only when they take me to the cold.

>We will fulfill obligations to backers in the very near future. This is number one priority.


>I read the comments, thank you for the direct words.


>1) Yes, we started collecting Kickstarter, because a $ 2 million contract has already been signed and the company is open for this investment. Otherwise, it would be extremely frivolous.

>2) Management was nikakayuschiy. Yes, a family company. Scheme of work from the 90s. She has both pros and cons. Pros: absolute resistance to crises. Cons: total impossibility of planning.

>3) The scenarios of the Bachelor and the Pretender will be. Our company is 19 years old. We have never broken our promises. The terms were delayed (like everyone else), but they never deceived anyone. Wait a bit, everything will be soon.

In regards to the fate of the studio, there’s also [this Tweet from one designers/producers.](

>To clarify – most of the studio (10+ people) is still employed and working on major update for the game + some (stay tuned). We really are not dead yet

Additionally, I’ve heard on the grapevine that with all the buzz surrounding this game, it’s sad fate, and the recent Mandalore review, Sales have spiked fairly dramatically. So that’s a positive as well.

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